Facial Treatments

What are facial treatments?

Facial treatments involve a process to clean, exfoliate and nourish the skin for a younger, fresher glow.

What do facial treatments improve?

A facial is among the most popular of all the spa treatments and is a wonderful way to freshen one's appearance, both as a regular practice and before special events.

Facial treatments can:

  • Illuminate the skin by exfoliating the dry outer layer.
  • Hydrate the skin for a rejuvenated glow.
  • Provide nourishment to improve the health of the skin.

How is the procedure performed?

Facials involve a multi-step treatment process of cleansing the skin, a massage to increase the blood flow to the skin, exfoliating dead cells, and applying a mask to nourish the skin.  The process usually ends with moisturizer and sunscreen.
Patients may come in feeling as tired as their skin, but often leave feeling energized with their new facial glow.

ULTIMATE Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery offers:

The Ultimate Papaya Enzyme Facial: A must-have before any special event, this facial restores skin's vitality and reveals a smooth, radiant and more youthful complexion. 
$100 | 60 minutes

Rejuvenating Facial: This restorative facial can be tailored to your specific needs to leave your skin smooth, purified, bright and hydrated.
$75 | 60 minutes

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial: This is an excellent option for patients with combination skin, as it cleans pores to address excess oil while exfoliating to eliminate dullness from dry skin.  The result is a balanced, beautiful finish.
$75 | 60 minutes

Express Micro Facial: In a rush? This option is a mini version of the rejuvenating facial that includes a power cleanse, exfoliation and mask with luminous results.
$50 | 35 minutes

Are facial treatments covered by insurance?

Facials are a cosmetic treatment and not covered by insurance companies.