Rhinoplasty is the surgery which changes or refines the nose. The philosophy today in rhinoplasty is to create a nose which compliments the patient's face. The size of the nose should balance the size of the face, cheekbones, and chin. Both functional and cosmetic deformities can be addressed using modern rhinoplasty techniques. Dr. Moosavi will perform a closed (incision only inside the nostril) or open (small incision between the nostrils) rhinoplasty depending on the techniques necessary. The techniques employed in rhinoplasty are highly variable depending on each individual patient’s deformities and desired results. These techniques include dorsal hump reduction, tip refining cartilage grafts and suturing techniques as well as internal nasal techniques to improve functional results. Dr. Moosavi will provide a comprehensive nasal evaluation that will allow us to identify these deformities and create an appropriate plan.